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PostgreSQL Conference Germany wouldn't be possible without support from our generous sponsors. Thank you all very much!



Founded in 2000, CYBERTEC was one of the first companies worldwide to specialize entirely in PostgreSQL. As our main aim is to be your single source all-in-one IT service provider, we offer a wide range of products and services. Visit our website to learn more: www.cybertec-postgresql.com


As a leading contributor to the fast-growing community with deep database expertise, EDB drives technology innovation and provides enterprise-class software and services that enable businesses and governments to harness the full power of Postgres.

Proventa AG

Proventa, located in the heart of Frankfurt, has been providing IT services across all industries since 1992. Digital transformation is our passion. In addition to ready-made solutions, nearshore and infrastructure services, agile program and project management expand our portfolio.


At Microsoft, our Postgres team is focused on contributing to the advancement of Postgres—by contributing to new PostgreSQL releases, by providing the Azure Database for PostgreSQL and Azure Cosmos DB for PostgreSQL managed services, and by innovating on Citus, Patroni, PgBouncer, pgcopydb, & more.


Data Egret

Data Egret helps companies to achieve high-availability of business-critical applications through support of PostgreSQL databases. Our DBA live and breathe open source and are experts in performance tuning, backup and recovery and query optimisation. Оn-premise or cloud - we are here for you 24/7!

dbi services

dbi services is specialized in IT consulting and services. We are experts in innovative and efficient data infrastructures and platforms. We offer tailor-made solutions to our customers thanks to our consultants, whose skills and knowledge are constantly evolving thanks to continuous training.


Redgate creates ingeniously simple software to help organizations and professionals get the most value out of any database, anywhere, through the provision of end-to-end Database DevOps.


STACKIT is the Schwarz Group's cloud and colocation provider. External partners and customers can also rely on the cloud services which have been supporting the digital transformation within the Schwarz Group for years. The team is paving the way to an independent Europe - digital, leading.

Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres

Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres is built on the world-renowned open-source system PostgreSQL, and installed and operated by Fujitsu’s database experts with additional enterprise-grade features for enhanced security and better performance.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides two differentiated fully managed database offerings to PostgreSQL developers today: Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL: fully open source PostgreSQL experience ideal for most applications. AlloyDB for PostgreSQL: Highest performance, availability and automation. HTAP workloads

Quest Software

Von Plattform-Migrationen über Cloud-Bereitstellungen bis hin zu Sicherheit und Governance: Quest Software-Lösungen helfen, echte IT-Resilienz für Daten, Infrastruktur und Systeme zu schaffen Über 130.000 Unternehmen weltweit und 95% der Fortune 500 zählen auf Quest. www.quest.com



Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH
Netlution GmbH
Camptocamp Germany GmbH

The PGConf.DE organisers would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all our sponsors for their support not only of the conference but of the greater PostgreSQL community.

Thank you!